Monday, February 20, 2006

CARY, N.C., February 20, 2006 – TowerCo LLC, which develops, owns and leases wireless communications towers, today announced it has been selected by Cingular Wireless LLC as one of five national build-to-suit providers.

The agreement significantly expands the relationship TowerCo began with Cingular in 2005, when TowerCo entered into a build-to-suit agreement with Cingular -- the nation's largest wireless carrier -- covering some 50 towers in Michigan and Ohio.

"We're confident this is a mutually beneficial strategy, allowing Cingular to deploy its capital effectively in transactions that grow its business and TowerCo to aggregate the activity of a market by providing co-location," said TowerCo Chief Executive Officer Richard J. Byrne. "And we're very proud to have been selected by Cingular to expand on our existing partnership; it certainly validates our commitment to customer service."

In addition to Michigan and Ohio, TowerCo expects to do business with Cingular throughout the U.S.

About TowerCo LLC

Based in Cary, N.C., TowerCo is engaged in the construction, development, leasing and management of communication towers. TowerCo was launched in September 2004 on the strength of a commitment for up to $50 million in equity financing from Tailwind Capital Partners. Formed by industry veterans Richard Byrne, Chief Executive Officer, and Scot Lloyd, Chief Operating Officer, TowerCo seeks to meet the infrastructure needs of wireless services providers and others by developing new tower sites in the U.S. TowerCo's headquarters are located at 100 Towerview Court, Cary, N.C. 27513. Telephone: 919-469-5559.