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What is 5G?

The catch phrase is "the Internet of Things" (IoT). More devices (Things) will be connected wirelessly with more sensors deployed giving us the ability to remotely manage these devices as well as collect and monitor all sorts of information. In order to make real time decisions with many of these devices and applications, bandwidth and latency takes center stage. The network needs more antennas closer to the users. This will be accomplished with adding both macro and small cell sites.

5G intends to change our lives by introducing new product lines and industries that can leverage the speed and connectivity the next generation of networking offers.

  • Transportation (navigation, traffic information, accident prevention and driverless cars)
  • Consumer electronics (remote control of facilities, security and monitoring)
  • Healthcare (wearables, health monitoring, telemedicine)
  • Education (distance learning, visual training)
  • Cloud computing
  • Agriculture (remote management of machinery, navigation, monitoring)
  • Entertainment (virtual reality, ulta-high definition broadcasting, interactive environments)

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