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Why TowerCo?

Our relationships with the carriers have spanned 20 years and we have nationwide master agreements in place for build-to-suit and collocation. This allows us to navigate quickly through the approval process of the largest of carriers. Our role in this industry is to bridge the gap between carriers, landlords, and municipalities in an effort to advanced technology.

Jason Woodward, Vice President, Business Development

Jason Woodward

Vice President, Business Development

Jason joined TowerCo in 2005 as the National Director of Business Development. Jason has been involved the Sales & Marketing efforts for Collocation & Build-to-Suit, as well as managing several components of the build to suit process, including, leasing, zoning and construction management for the development of new tower builds. Prior to joining TowerCo, Jason held a regional sales Director position in the Central Region at SpectraSite Communications (American Tower) for 5 years. Jason began his career in the wireless industry working on new market carrier build outs with Divine Tower and Metricom in the greater Cleveland, Akron and Canton areas. Jason grew up in Canton, Ohio and has over 20 years of experience in the wireless infrastructure industry and has a Bachelor of General Studies from Kent State University.

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David Hockey, Director of Zoning

David Hockey

Director of Zoning

David joined TowerCo in 2008 and is TowerCo's Director of Zoning. He manages the review and guidance on all zoning matters related to BTS and portfolio compliance. Previously he worked for American Tower where he oversaw zoning for their BTS program, as well as portfolio management. Additionally he managed their strategic real estate team. David originally started his career in the public sector as a director of planning for local government in 1998 before transitioning to the wireless industry over 19 years ago.

David earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Western Ontario and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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Jen Courtemanche, Vice President of Property Management & Financial Operations

Jen Courtemanche

Vice President of Property Management & Financial Operations

Jen joined TowerCo in 2004 and serves as the VP of Property Management and Financial Operations. Responsibilities are broad and range from managing tower cash flow, contract negotiation, data governance to property management issues. This role has given her the opportunity to consult for an African cell tower company, Helios Towers Africa for two years. Prior to TowerCo, Jen spent five years at SpectraSite Communications as a project manager and data analyst. She began her career as a Department of the Army Telecommunications Intern at West Point Military Academy. This three-year training program covered all areas of telecom focusing on software development, networking, infrastructure and IT project management. Jen has an M.B.A. from The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and a B.A. in Economics with a concentration in International Economic Studies from the State University of New York at Fredonia.

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