At TowerCo, we bring simplicity to the build to suit and colocation processes. We equip you with information that empowers educated decisions. We uncover unique solutions that benefit everyone involved and we help you set expectations your customers can count on. In short, we work to empower you to grow your networks to provide seamless coverage.

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Leasing space on an existing tower is the fastest and most cost-effective way of getting a site on air.

Looking for more details on how we'd work together for colocation, reconfiguration, or fiber installation? Download the files below to understand the steps, information required, and estimated timeframe.

carriers & site acquisition agents

Build to Suit.

With TowerCo, build to suit is about meeting your needs, the needs of carriers, and the needs of the community - the way it's supposed to be.

We will identify and evaluate sites that fit your technical specifications. We'll also look at any implications the surrounding municipalities, communities, and environment will have on the viability of a site, so you'll know exactly what to expect.

We will help you find available sites, navigate key issues like landlord consent and modifications requirements, and prepare lease and license agreements. Then, we'll handle installation, inspection, and site close out.

We will evaluate zoning to assess how it will affect the timeline and cost of your project, and fully explore permitting requirements.

Our build to suit service is focused on meeting your needs while balancing the needs of the community. We'll manage all aspects of development from site identification and planning through completing construction. Or, we can handle just the tasks you need help with.

Whether the need is a new build to suit tower, the modification or reinforcement of an existing structure, we are equipped to handle your tower construction needs anywhere in the country. Our internal operations team is experienced with every facet of the tower construction process - from site acquisition through final inspections, and we have aligned ourselves with select general contractors that are members of NATE, as well as proven leaders and innovators in the tower construction industry.

Our site management capabilities let you build to the specifications you need and minimize your capital outlay. And we take over management of a site whenever it works best for you: at inception, when it's construction-ready, or at construction completion.

carriers and site acquisition agents

How we empower you.

We're here to be your honest, expert partner. We give you the facts, work alongside you, and follow a simple, efficient process. Our goal is to help you get things done as easily and quickly as possible.



Our carrier relationships span twenty years. They're our most valuable assets. We work hard to earn and maintain your trust by consistently delivering to your expectations.



We use our extensive industry expertise to provide you with relevant data and information to help you make more informed decisions.



We simplify complex processes and understand unique challenges so we can deliver custom solutions that benefit everyone.



We help you build smarter networks with more seamless coverage in a cost-efficient way, so you can continually grow your presence and reach.