Adding a cell tower lease to your property is one of the most hassle-free and profitable ways to leverage your real estate and provide the stability of reliable revenue. At TowerCo, we equip you with the information that allows you to make the best use of your land. You'll know exactly how it works and what to expect. Most importantly, we empower you to increase your income long-term and ultimately grow a stronger business.


Why lease your site to TowerCo?

Any unused portion of your property could potentially be earning revenue - with minimum involvement from you and no capital investment. TowerCo offers a variety of solutions for owners to market and lease their property to carriers.

Most cell tower land leases run for tens of years, which translates to reliable monthly income that can be used to offset any seasonal ups and downs in your primary business.

A typical land lease covers a very small space. There are almost no other uses that would pay the same lease rate for that limited space.

The companies leasing the space on your property are high quality tenants. In other words, they are unlikely to default on the lease, so you can count on the revenue long term.

Unlike most tenants, cell tower tenants require almost no attention. TowerCo manages all relationships with them, and only involves you when absolutely necessary.


How we empower you.

TowerCo manages the leasing process from start to finish. We understand what carriers are looking for and how they value sites, helping you get the best possible lease terms for your hand.

we work with the carriers to create lease agreement options that work for your situations, and present you with a variety of options.

We'll research your geographic location to make sure there's a tower need in your local and regional zoning and permitting regulations.

We'll handle tower construction from start to finish, as well as any permit requirements.

Once you've agreed to a lease TowerCo will handle all the other details, including managing tower tenants.

Our facilities team will take care of any repairs or maintenance the tower requires.

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