At TowerCo, we create custom tower solutions that emphasize connectivity - while minimizing impact to land use. With more than 20 years of experience working with over 500 cities nationwide, we have the expertise to help you create stronger, smarter networks to increase quality of life and ease of doing business, and maximize public safety and welfare.

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City of Streetsboro Case Study

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Solutions built for your community.

The transition to 5G has already started. And while it promises great things, we understand the security, funding, and existing infrastructure challenges you and other municipalities face in getting there. We'll help you navigate those, and align the interests of your community with the interests of wireless carriers to build successful networks.


5G will make network exponentially faster, and will offer the ability to connect more devices to the internet without the lag time of a heavily trafficked network. This technology will enhance every facet of our lives from healthcare and education to agriculture and entertainment. Our focus is partnering with you in the plan to get your communities to 5G faster through our expertise, carrier relationships, and nimble processes.

Your community's safety is dependent on reliable service. It's used by first responders like law enforcement, fire services, and EMS to ensure they can respond as quickly as possible to emergencies. Currently, the U.S. Department of Commerce is rolling out a specific broadband network nationwide to mange emergency communications, "FirstNet". TowerCo has experience working with partners to deploy this network, and can do so quickly and efficiently.

We've worked with hundreds of branches of government to help leverage real estate and construct robust networks. We understand the challenges that local governments face planning community futures and can offer both financial and infrastructure related solutions.

Identifying and understanding a community's goals, allows TowerCo to design and implement unique infrastructure solutions. We take seriously your commitment to the public and in turn, our commitment to zoning and building infrastructure that is both compliant and enhances the community's overall well being.


How we empower you.

We understand how many important voices need to be heard when it comes to community projects. We work with you to bring all interested parties together so everyone's needs are met. And ultimately, we empower you to grow a safer and more prosperous place for everyone.



Our projects are only successful when we listen closely to your needs and operate as collaborators. We'll look to you for local guidance, and you'll always know exactly where things stand.



We don't just listen to the needs of community members, local organizations, and first responders, we propose solutions that meet them. Then, collaboratively, we review the project proposal to ensure everything can move forward as planned before drafting zoning and construction drawings.



Because of the number of factors, variables, and parties involved in a project, each municipality and site has unique strengths and challenges. Our engineers consider all of them and design network solutions that are custom for every client.



When it's time to build, we handle every aspect of construction from tower fabrication to fiber installation and inspections.