Jerod Curley

Sr. VP Corporate Development & National Accounts

As Senior Vice President of Corporate Development & National Accounts, Jerod Curley is responsible for corporate development and providing strategic leadership to TowerCo’s sales, partnerships, affiliates and overall growth strategy. Jerod brings over 30+ years of extensive operating experience across global sales, product and service delivery, marketing, operations, corporate strategy, m&a, and go-to-market execution. Prior to TowerCo, Jerod has helped lead various early stage technology companies to significant growth and multi-billion-dollar valuations. Throughout his career he has worked extensively with many of the world’s leading Teleco’s, such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, and HyperScalers, including Microsoft and Amazon. Mr. Curley holds a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University, a minor in Management Information Systems and a Global Business Leadership degree from Harvard Business School.