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Our goal is to make things simpler for you. Your input is an important factor in achieving that goal. Please provide feedback on what we can do to make dealing with us simpler for you. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Thank you for your feedback.


simplicity. found.

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The Company. Simplicity starts here.

Keeping it simple.

TowerCo was founded in 2004 by industry veterans Richard Byrne, Chief Executive Officer, and Scot Lloyd, Chief Operating Officer, along with Tailwind Capital. They envisioned a pure-play tower company with the straightforward mission of meeting the infrastructure needs of wireless service providers.

TowerCo is based in Cary, NC.

Everything's simple when you know how it works.

To keep things simple, the new search engine, called "Tower Finder", helps you look up tower locations. The Tower Finder is always there, no matter what page you are on.

With the Tower Finder, you can look up tower locations a multitude of ways. You can type in search criteria you think should work, such as a city, county or state. Or you can click on one of the following drop-down prompts and populate as much as you know and we'll do our best to help from there. Drop-down prompts include:

  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Address Location
  • Site Name, Site Number, or ASR Number

Simplicity is getting what you want when you need it.

You've asked us to help you speed up your time to market. You've requested a website with data that is more accessible. You told us, "Give me responsive, experienced, professional assistance." Well, we heard you loud and clear.

To get you the information you need when you need it, we're continuing to look for ways to improve our website and operations even more. To help you get what you need faster, we're looking at more than just our website. In fact, TowerCo is continually working internally to reduce turnaround times on leasing applications, contracts, NTPs, you name it – the kind of stuff that you've told us you want to get quickly.

In order to meet your needs while remaining simple to work with, we need your feedback. Just click on the "Provide Feedback" link in the upper right corner of any page on the site. We're listening. Only with your help can TowerCo become the standard by which others are measured.

Expertise is a single, simple word, too.

Of note, the CEO and COO of TowerCo started their wireless careers by doing the kind of job you do. Every day. That's a big reason why we're so committed to helping you get what you need. We've been there.

Get industry-leading expertise. Work with a company that's dedicated to making your job simpler with the people who can help get it done faster. Work with TowerCo today.

Contact us now. Or at least shoot us an email. Even at 4:30 in the morning. TowerCo is simplicity. Found.

"All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom...."
Winston Churchill

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