Leasing space on an existing tower is the fastest and most cost-effective way of getting a site on air.

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5G will make networks exponentially faster, and will offer the ability to connect more devices to the internet without the lag time of a heavily trafficked network. This technology will enhance every facet of our lives from healthcare and education to agriculture and entertainment. Our focus is partnering with you in the plan to get your communities to 5G faster through our expertise, carrier relationships, and nimble processes.

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Your community's safety is dependent on reliable service. It's used by first responders like law enforcement, fire services, and EMS to ensure they can respond as quickly as possible to emergencies. Currently, the U.S. Department of Commerce is rolling out a specific broadband network nationwide to manage emergency communications, "FirstNet". TowerCo has experience working with partners to deploy this network, and can do so quickly and efficiently.

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