Asset Classes

We empower connectivity.

TowerCo is one of the largest privately-held wireless infrastructure companies in the US that owns, builds, and manages a portfolio of wireless infrastructure assets and properties for colocation from Coast to Coast.

  • We work in close partnership with everyone involved, using our knowledge of real estate, zoning, and construction to facilitate a smooth process.
  • Nationally approved vendor for all major wireless operators
  • Extensive experience working with
    • State agencies
    • Municipalities
    • Schools
    • Private landowners
  • Serving a wide range of asset classes from macro tower development and colocation, and mini micro, to in-building solutions and edge data centers
  • Team of highly trained experts
  • Over 10,000 assets to provide you with the service you need

Macro Towers And Colocation

TowerCo is nationally approved by all major wireless operators and has extensive experience working with state and federal agencies, municipalities, schools, and private landowners. We are committed to working in close partnership with everyone involved, and use our knowledge of site acquisition and construction to deliver a turnkey service that is transparent, efficient, and results-oriented.

Our partnership-driven approach guides us in delivering comprehensive turnkey solutions. We leverage our proficiency in real estate negotiation, zoning, and working with general contractors to seamlessly shepherd projects through each milestone. This methodology ensures the success of every endeavor.

Our Macro Towers And Colocation services encompass:

  • Build-to-Suit Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Real Estate Negotiation
  • Zoning Consultation
  • Technical Expertise
  • Construction Management Services

Mini Micro

Carriers face the ongoing challenge of deploying wireless spectrum to meet escalating bandwidth demands in urban areas. TowerCo offers Small Cell deployment, collaborating with Carriers across the country.

We approach Mini Micro development comprehensively, ensuring present and future needs are met. Our seasoned project managers, along with our trusted partners, bring deep experience working closely with local municipalities. This collaboration ensures efficient planning, design, and execution.



Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are a critical solution for Carriers to provide seamless connectivity in high-demand areas that require enormous capacity, coverage, and zero interruption of service.

TowerCo has project managers on staff to deploy these solutions:

Our comprehensive InBuilding services encompass:

  • Strategic DAS Design
  • Signal Strength Optimization
  • Efficient Installation
  • Energy Usage Efficiency Management
  • Architectural Integrity of the Venue
  • Ongoing Service Management

Edge Computing

The ascent of 5G technology underscores the need for robust future edge computing infrastructure. TowerCo stands at the forefront of this revolution to partner with Carriers and Cloud Hyper Scalers to help deliver, manage, and support critical edge infrastructure. at our existing sites and sites under development This infrastructure enables high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity, catering to the evolving demands of enterprise customers and public safety networks.

Our Edge Computing services include:

  • Carrier Colocation Support
  • Micro Data Center Capacity
  • Public Safety Network Access

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